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Fairway Solitaire – How to Beat

Fairway Solitaire provides a seemingly limitless number of solitaire levels for card players. It has that ‘just one more go’ characteristic down to a tee from Big Fish Games, providing you enjoy card games. Even while the game is entirely free to play, there are lots of methods for it to tempt you into paying money to speed things up.

Cards and Features

Special cards are frequently seen on golf courses, making the game even more enjoyable and challenging:

Water Hazards: Clear the blue-shaded cards off the table to reveal a pile of cards on the right side.

Sand Traps: Clearing the card of a sand wedge from the table unlocks a pile of cards on the right side.

Iron Cards: Green-colored cards with a specific golf club on them (going from 2 to 9). They can be taken off the table at any time. At the right bottom, the shown golf club will be added to the player’s collection of golf clubs. A golf club can be used at any moment, such as when a golfer becomes trapped. If a golf club is not used during a hole, it will be available in the following hole. It’s worth noting that clicking an iron card or using a club does not end the current drive.

Wild Cards are cards that appear at random during games. A player can either choose an unknown random occurrence with either a favorable or bad consequence, or they can take a drop, which is 1 card penalty. Among the positive random events are eliminating the desired card or finishing the hole with a perfect score.


Fairway Solitaire is a basic and easy-to-play game. The goal of the game is to clear as many cards as possible from the table.

Draw pile is a margin of face-down cards at the bottom, with a single faced-up card next to it. For total elimination of a card from the table, a player should choose a card on the playfield which number is higher or lower than the rank of a card at the bottom. The card you clicked will be pushed to the bottom, defining your next action.

Right to the face-up card, an undo button is located. It allows you to take one step back.

If the situation is tough and you get stuck, click on the card stock icon, and a new card will appear faced-up. The round finishes when the stock is depleted, and the player no longer has any legal movements.